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Save Time with the Best Label Applicator

Best Label Applicator

When businesses are just starting, manually applying labels might not be a big deal. You have the time and attention required to do the job without machines. But with time, getting the labels on your products quickly and perfectly will become more important and require a good label applicator.

Because every product requires different labels and labeling processes, the best label applicator will depend heavily on what you’re applying labels to and how you’ll be using them. Generally, though, there are two broad categories of label applicators: round bottle applicators and flat surface applicators.

But you also have many other options including automatic versus a manual label applicator. You can buy the device new or you can get a label applicator used. For more flexible options you can opt for a handheld label applicator instead of a tabletop applicator.

So with so many options how can you find the right one for you? Read up on the styles, models and applicator options available to start your search off right.

best label applicator

Semi-automatic vs. Manual Label Applicator

If you’re labeling hundreds of products a day, having an automatic or semi-automatic labeling machine will make a huge difference in time savings. And the more time you save, the greater your return on investment will be for the label applicator.

Manual label applicators still provide some time savings, just not to the same degree as semi-automatics. But if you get started with a manual applicator, you’ll have a much lower price point, which can make the tool more attainable for small businesses.

Both devices help attach labels swiftly and with greater accuracy than doing the process by hand. The semi-automatic is just faster and requires less oversight.

Cost-saving Benefits of Label Applicators

Label applicators can save your business money in ways you likely haven’t considered. Here’s a look at some of the impeccable cost savings you can experience.

1. Higher Efficiency and Lower Production Cost

Improved efficiency is the obvious benefit of adding a label applicator to your business’s tools. Some machines help companies go from labeling 100 products an hour to up to 6,000 products per hour. That saves you 60 man-hours and employee wages making it an impactful cost difference.

The better match your label machine is to the product you’re labeling, the greater efficiency and reduction in production costs you’ll experience.

2. Optimize Order Fulfillment

The more efficient you are, the more you can do. The faster you label, the more you can label in a day, which means you have a higher sales capacity.

Some manufacturing facilities can double the number of products that are shelf-ready in a day when moving to an automatic label applicator, which allows the company to be more agile and deliver more products in less time. 

The faster you can box, label and ship your items, the more delighted your customers will be and the greater chance of you earning repeat business. Don’t let labeling be the bottleneck to your shipping business. Adopt an automatic label applicator to see the incredible change.


3. Improve Quality Control

Straight, accurate labeling is challenging to do by hand. And unless you’re hiring a team of perfectionists, it’s nearly impossible in most scenarios. But with a label applicator, you can dramatically increase your quality control to put better-looking products on the market in a shorter time.

As you increase production to meet the needs of a growing business, quality control becomes more challenging and you risk putting products on the market that don’t meet stringent requirements.

And issues with the quality of labeling work could become a huge area of expense. One batch of poorly marked products could require hours of work removing the labels and getting them ready for customer use. That’s a risk many growing businesses can’t afford to take.

4. You’ll Have Better Statistics to Work with

Manual label application makes it challenging to know how long it really takes to fulfill labeling requirements. As you scale your business, it’s tough to know just how many workers you’ll need to complete a batch of new products and when it’s time to hire. This lack of statistics makes it challenging to forecast for your business.

Label applicators offer statistics on speed so you know what to expect and can understand how changes in production will impact your business.

Best Label Applicators for Efficiency and Accuracy

Ready to take your business’s product labels to the next level? Here are the best label applicators for improved efficiency and accuracy.

Primera AP362 Label Applicator

This is a semi-automatic label applicator designed for tubular products. One great benefit of this more advanced label applicator is that it can apply front and back labels during one pass on the product.

If you’re only applying a single label to your cylinder-shaped product, opt for the Primera AP360 to save some money.

Primera AP 550 Label Applicator

This is another semi-automatic label applicator but it has some more diverse use cases since it is a flat surface label applicator. You can efficiently label up to 500 products per hour using this device.

Use it for labeling a variety of product surfaces, including:

  • Tins
  • Boxes
  • Lids
  • Pouches
  • Bottles with a flat surface

The machine will apply your labels without bubbles, wrinkles or alignment problems. You’ll also get a uniform label application every time, which means less rework or quality issues. See how it works from this video.

LA600p Label Applicator With Printer

Want to print and apply your labels using the same machine? This round bottle labeling machine might be right for you. The device can label up to 50 products per minute. It also includes a transparent sensor. 

Questions and Answers About Label Applicators

Still unsure what label applicator will be best for your needs? Read up on these commonly asked questions and answers about the devices to learn more.

How Does a Label Applicator Work?

Label applicators work in a variety of ways based on the type. Bottle label applicators apply labels smoothly despite the challenge of the cylinder surface. You can get these devices in manual or semi-automatic types. Generally, they use a brush or roller to apply the label smoothly.

Tamp label applicators use a tamp to apply the label smoothly and without bubbles to the product’s surface. These devices use force to apply the label with a good seal. There are also wipe-on label applicators that can apply labels to both round and flat surfaces based on your needs.

How Much Does a Labeling Machine Cost?

A labeling machine can cost a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars depending on the speed and type of labeling required. If you’re unsure about what label device is best, reach out to the DuraFast team with questions.

Finding the Best Label Applicator Based on Requirements

Every business has different needs when it comes to label applications. If you need help finding the best label applicator to help your business run efficiently, contact DuraFast Label Company. Our team is responsive and supportive of all your labeling questions.

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