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Chemical labeling oversight body OSHA to receive additional funding

A new budget proposal from the Obama administration suggests that OSHA and other regulatory bodies should receive $1.9 billion in funding. While the measure is unlikely to clear the Republican-controlled houses of Congress, the additional funding for OSHA may impact chemical manufacturers. The agency regulates the labeling of hazardous chemical materials in the workplace, and a new set of standards for chemical labeling takes effect later this year. 

With greater resources at its disposal, OSHA may possess more ability to enforce its labeling standards and crack down on companies in violation of their guidelines. Experts say one of the limitations OSHA currently encounters is insufficient resources to pursue violations, and firms that don’t adhere to established regulations for chemical labeling could be subject to penalties and fines. 

As a result, it’s more important than ever for companies to make sure their label strategy is compliant with OSHA guidelines. On this blog, we’ve discussed the new standards for chemical labeling and encourage companies to get ahead of the June deadline by implementing updates as soon as possible. This can help streamline trade with business partners, who are required to keep appropriately-labeled chemical materials at their facilities. 

Ultimately, insufficiently-labeled chemicals can be hazardous to employees. OSHA standards set forth a series of metrics and disclaimers that alert workers to the nature of materials stored in containers, including visual aides and other descriptions. When your company devises its custom label strategy, staying abreast of developments in chemical labeling regulations can help save time and money. 

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