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CNBC Declares Winner in ‘Battle of the Beer Labels’

Which beer labels reign supreme? Recently, CNBC held an online contest to find out.

The news source’s Battle of the Beer Labels called upon breweries and consumers from all across the country to send images of their most creative beer bottle or can labels. During the last half of March, participants were able to vote in a “March Madness” style bracket for their favorite label.

Hundreds of breweries in the U.S. are creating eye-popping labels.

This year’s winner was Creature Comforts, a brewery based in Athens, Georgia. The label that earned them the top spot belonged to their Koko Buni, a milk porter. Cans are adorned with drawings of coffee trees that are reminiscent of traditional African art – and reference the beer’s strong coffee flavors. It’s a simple concept with a contemporary feel, and it certainly helped Koko Buni stand out among the competition.

“The quality of our beer is obviously paramount but there is quality in everything we do, and that includes the packaging,” David Stein, head brewer at Creature Comforts, told CNBC. “We believe all of our beers are different and we want them to stand alone.”

However, the race for victory in the Battle of the Beer Labels was a close one. Finishing in second place was Ginga’ Ninja, brewed by Black Hog Brewing in Oxford, Conn. This red IPA is brewed with fresh ginger, and the image on the label is that of a woman holding two shuriken. Most noticeable is her red hair, which appears to have been created with watercolor paint.

Sixty-four beers were considered in CNBC’s bracket, and there are hundreds more breweries in the U.S. that are creating eye-popping labels for their products. It takes a high-quality printer to create such custom labels. Luckily, at DuraFast, we carry a wide selection of printers and printing supplies. Contact us today!

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