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Elevate Mobility and Efficiency with the Zebra ZQ310 Plus Mobile Printer

Zebra ZQ310 Indoor mobile printer

The Ultimate 2-inch Direct Thermal Mobile Printer with Bluetooth 4.X, No Label Sensor, Built for Outdoor Use – Part Number ZQ31-A0E04T0-00

As businesses adapt to the ever-evolving market, agility and efficiency become critical. The Zebra ZQ310 Plus 2-inch direct thermal mobile printer, part number ZQ31-A0E04T0-00, is the epitome of performance and portability, making it an indispensable tool for enterprises that need flexible label printing solutions. We at DuraFast Label Company are thrilled to let you know that this compact powerhouse is in stock and ready for rapid shipping at the attractive price of $474.15 USD for customers across the United States and Canada.

The Zebra ZQ310 Plus: A Symphony of Features

Compact Yet Rugged:

Despite its small size, the Zebra ZQ310 Plus is a rugged mobile printer built to handle the rigors of outdoor environments. It’s robust enough to endure dust, moisture, and drops, ensuring reliability under any conditions.

Bluetooth 4.X Connectivity:

Wireless freedom is just a tap away with Bluetooth 4.X connectivity, enabling effortless integration with smartphones, tablets, and other Bluetooth-compatible devices.

Direct Thermal Efficiency:

With direct thermal printing technology, the ZQ310 Plus negates the need for ink or toner. This cost-effective solution guarantees high-quality prints that are both sharp and durable.

Unencumbered by Label Sensors:

This specific model does not incorporate a label sensor, which makes it the ideal choice for applications that do not necessitate gap or black mark detection.

Don’t Miss Out – Order Now!

The Zebra ZQ310 Plus mobile printer (ZQ31-A0E04T0-00) is primed for immediate dispatch. Take advantage of this chance to acquire the ultimate tool in mobile printing for only $474.15 USD.

Additionally, Zebra provides three standard configurations for the ZQ310 Plus Mobile Printer to cater to diverse needs. While the model with part number ZQ31-A0E04T0-00 is primed for quick shipping, be informed that the Linered version (ZQ31-A0W03R0-00) and the Linerless version (ZQ31-A0E14T0-00) have a lead time of up to 6 weeks due to their popularity.

Examine the ZQ310 Plus configurations to find your perfect match:

Part Number Label Handling Label Sensor Lead Time
ZQ31-A0E04T0-00 Standard No Quick Ship
ZQ31-A0W03R0-00 Linered Yes Up to 6 weeks
ZQ31-A0E14T0-00 Linerless No Up to 6 weeks

Leverage the Zebra ZQ310 Plus Mobile Printer to boost your business’s adaptability and productivity. Get in touch with DuraFast Label Company now to secure your order or for more insights on which configuration best caters to your enterprise.

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