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Tying in promotions with special holidays

Those who have a need for large quantities of coffee labels should perk up: free coffee day is September 29th. This should mean more than just a chance to introduce your product to consumers around the country, though it’s definitely that, too. In the bigger scheme of things, it can be a way to propagate greater ideas about your brand and see it in different situations. To do that, you can create special labels for this occasion.

These kinds of labels can serve both the practical function of directing these shipments of coffee where they need to go and the greater function of distinguishing these particular containers as promotional ones destined for a particular event. Parade describes how several different coffee chains are taking advantage of this holiday to offer special giveaways, sometimes through the corresponding information on mobile apps and the internet.

In addition to the free cup of coffee most chains seem to be giving out, your business can strive for something extra in the form of a celebratory bag of coffee, perhaps with appropriate packaging to go with it.

Obviously, this need not be the “only” holiday that could make use of this kind of creative marketing, and your business could also put this much effort into launching a new location if you have a brick and mortar aspect to your companies.

Coffee and other specialty food labels can be tailored for these kinds of events with the use of a label creating system to make sure that the massive amount needed does not erase the particular touch you have in mind.

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