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Epson GP-C831 drum label printer now available in the USA & Canada

If you work with toxic chemicals and other hazardous materials, you know that effective, clear labeling is essential. Any miscommunications regarding the contents of a drum can put large-scale projects and even lives in jeopardy, so why would you sacrifice control of the all-important task of label-making? Tackling label production in-house is easier than you may think, and can give the peace of mind that only comes when you see a job through in its entirety.

DuraFast Labels is proud to announce that we now carry the Epson GP-C831 drum label printer, which is perfectly suited to create GHS large format drum and chemical labels and more with incredible clarity. Because these labels often feature minute but essential details including product identifiers, pictograms, hazard and warning notices and supplier identifier, you need a machine that can manage high-volume jobs efficiently without sacrificing quality, and the Epson GP-C831 drum label printer can do just that. You don’t have to worry about these durable labels fading over time either. This printer can create the following labels: 

  • Epson GP-C831 Chemical Labels
  • Epson GP-C831 High Gloss Labels
  • Epson GP-C831 Matte BOPP Labels
  • Epson GP-C831 Matte Labels. 

Whether you need BS5609 certified labels for harsh environments, or operate in an industrial setting, the Epson GP-C831 drum label printer can meet your exact requirements while saving you the expense and stress of working with a third party printer. Don’t risk mislabeling materials or leaving your employees in any doubt regarding the toxicity of a drum’s contents. Take control of your label-making in-house with this cost-effective and reliable hardware for your large-format drum and chemical labeling needs.

For more information about how the Epson GP-C831 drum label printer can revolutionize your business operations, contact DuraFast Label Company today.

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