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On-demand color label printing increasingly necessary in competitive markets

Many of today’s organizations face similar challenges. The speed of business is advancing at a rapid rate, causing those businesses that can’t keep pace to see their profits fall. Today’s culture of instant gratification requires that manufacturers and retailers alike invest in processes that reduce turnaround times, such as real-time inventory management and streamlined production.

A recent article on Epson’s blog highlighted how rapid production of color labels can help organizations achieve these goals. Many businesses currently are forced to keep a large stock of pre-printed labels on site. This strategy is widely regarded as highly inefficient, especially with recent advances in printing technology. Large stocks of pre-printed labels can be easily damaged or lost, causing either an organization’s reputation to be tarnished or significant delays in production.

However, by investing in an on-demand color labeling solution, organizations can print labels as they are needed, and only need to keep blank label stock on hand. This drastically reduces the time between production runs, and reduces losses due to downtime.

Producers also need to be constantly aware of any changes in labeling regulations. Any changes to GHS compliance or OSHA’s Hazard Communications Standards could mean that the large backstock or pre-printed labels are now unusable. While this blog attempts to keep manufacturers up-to-date on these events, the best way to be prepared is with an in-house labeling solution.

Durafast is proud to offer a number of the highest-quality and more cost-effective color label printers available today. The Epson ColorWorks C3500 or Epson GP-C831 can help organizations realize the significant savings that come with the in-house production of color labels.

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