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Packaging Food Products For Different Audiences

There are moments when demand for a particular product shifts. Your company might have one target audience in mind, only to find out that a different demographic is buying your product in large numbers. It’s times like these when you need to reconsider your existing branding and labeling to capitalize on the most current trend.

Food and beverage firms have to know their audience.

This is exactly what Del Monte has done with its fruit cups, for instance. In an interview with Packaging Digest, senior assistant brand manager Joanna Komvopoulos explained that while fruit cups are typically marketed to children, research has shown that they are growing to be quite popular with adults as well. Food and beverage firms have to know their audience, as packaging styles that catch the eyes of children may not be so attractive to adults – and vice-versa.

The adult fruit cups contain seven ounces each, making them larger than those aimed at children. Komvopoulos added that the black packaging contains high-quality images of the fruit contained within, meant to grab the attention of the passing shopper.

The package also prominently displays relevant health information, such as calorie counts and the fact that the product lacks artificial sweeteners or high-fructose corn syrup. This is meant to appeal to adults who want a health-friendly snack.

It’s important to always think about how packaging and label design can be used to reach different audiences. You may find that a product is relevant to sections of your customer base in ways that you never considered before.

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