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Exploring Label Unwinders and Rewinders

Exploring Label Unwinders and Rewinders

Handling various marketing tasks in-house is a solid strategy for reducing overhead in your small business, and creating labels is a valuable aspect of that. But unless all elements of the label-making process go off without a hitch, the entirety of a branding initiative can be put in jeopardy.

Label rewinders and unwinders help the label-making process go off without a hitch.

For example, a mishap within your label printers might cause the labels themselves to be improperly placed on cores and thus they won’t adhere to your products the right way after reaching the dispenser or applicator. Or perhaps the employee operating the press might become distracted for just long enough that labels don’t complete the printing process the right way and end up torn or otherwise damaged. To help occlude the possibility of these or other unfortunate failures, label rewinders might be just what your company needs for its back-of-house branding. 

Today, let’s take a closer look at these rewinders and label unwinders, as well as the roles they play in keeping all label making operations on the right track. 

Label Rewinder Specifications and Benefits

The process of rewinding product labels begins as soon as the items are complete and have shot out of the printer. Rewinders securely attach to those finished labels and rotate them counterclockwise to fit them onto cores – held within variably sized or fixed-width core holders – as necessary. Said cores can then be placed in label dispensers or applicators, and eventually affixed to a company’s completed and packaged goods as needed. Rewinders that can accommodate labels both small and large are available from DuraFast. 

Because the rewinder automatically spins labels onto cores, there’s no need for the process to be closely observed by a human operator. Over time, this reduces unnecessary expenditure of man-hours within the in-house marketing department and thus positively benefits the bottom line. 

Unwinder Benefits

Before rewinding – or even an initial printing – occurs, you will want to ensure that the raw material for your labels is fed smoothly into a label printer, boosting its chances of emerging perfectly from the printing process. A label unwinder helps guarantee this. 

Placed behind color or or thermal label printers, unwinders carry the blank labels and spool them into the body of the label printer itself, based on the specifications of the job. Particularly when used in conjunction with a thermal label printer, an unwinder will help facilitate considerable cost savings, as you can purchase a larger roll of label paper at bulk prices and be prepared to go weeks or months between replacement purchases. For example, using an 8-inch label roll fitted for a 3-inch core is ideal for a thermal label printer. 

DuraFast features a wide variety of rewinders and unwinders designed to fit label printers from Epson, Primera, Afinia Label, Swiftcolor and other major manufacturers. Check out our U.S. and Canada e-commerce outlets to find the unwinder and rewinder models that will be most appropriate for your specific business needs. 

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