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Primera helps customers determine cost-per-label with new tool

When considering investing in on-demand printing equipment, it is crucial that you consider the true cost of producing each label. Printer operation, label and ink costs all need to be weighed carefully to help your organization choose the best possible printer for your needs. Depending on the specific design and layout of your labels, costs can vary significantly. 

To help their customers get the most value for their product label printing, Primera Technology recently updated their free calculator for determining real-world cost per label. Upgrades over the previous version include updated ink prices that reflect actual retailer pricers instead of solely the MSRP, and the use of different printing modes. 

“We decided to launch this new software to show the true story,” read the company’s press release. “It clearly demonstrates that LX900 is a highly cost-effective way for companies of all sizes and types to print professional-quality, full-color labels for their products.”

Primera Technology said the latest version of the calculator is decidedly more accurate than its predecessor, and on average, costs 40-50 percent less than the original version. 

Perhaps this move will inspire other printer manufacturers to offer similar tools for accurate cost predictions. Several premium printers, such as the Kiaro 2000, which fetches a five-figure price, offer no such insight into actual label printing costs. 

Buyers need to carefully consider the production cost of their chosen printer, and why some manufacturers are more forthcoming than others with actual cost-per-label pricing. 

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