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For intriguing wine labels, appeal to collectors

On this blog, we’ve talked about how promotional labels can engage customers with your product in unique and fun ways. While there are collectors of beer and wine labels, most people throw old bottles out when they’re empty. One way to give your wine variety staying power in the homes of consumers, however, is to build a promotion around the idea of collecting, and releasing a limited edition variety that keeps people waiting to add the next addition to their collection. 

The concept is not new. When you think of things that are collectible, coins might spring to mind. When American quarters were released bearing inscriptions to represent each of the 50 states, citizens rushed to fill collectors’ books and displays with each coin as it was released. The same can be done with wine: Imagine limited edition wine varieties that represent each of the 12 months in a calendar year. People would feel a bit silly if they bought into the promotion and only had nine or 10, right? Hugely popular wine-of-the-month clubs show there’s an appetite for this kind of promotion in the marketplace. 

To continue with the months-of-the-year example, consider the possibilities. From the bouquet selected to create the wine at your vintning site, to the type of wine each month showcased, a label promotion could inspire customers to sample a wide range of products your company offers, without making it seem like a task. At home, many customers display their unopened wine for its aesthetic value, so top-notch custom label printing can make your line worthy of a showcase. By making the label as striking and memorable as possible, you can gain billboard space on people’s wine racks at home. 

The possibilities for promotional wine labeling are endless, if you invest in an industrial label printer and make creative use of its potential. 

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