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Industrial Labels

For specialty food labels, is less more?

Food entrepreneurs have a lot to say about their products. When they’ve nurtured a brand from its inception to appearances in supermarkets, decision makers at specialty food startups feel passionate about conveying the best aspects of their products. Fitting all of the most important information onto a label that is just a few inches by a few inches can be a challenge. Some companies have found success by forgoing the “about us” essay in favor of simple, striking brand signatures. 

“Food labels can either serve to hide what’s inside the package – often the case with some mass-produced foods – or compliment them,” writes Richard Morris of Handpicked Nation. “Traditionally, labels serve a utilitarian purpose, but there’s no reason they can’t be as unique and imaginative as the food inside. The trick is to remember that, with labels, less really is more.”

Often, specialty foods are built on simple ideas like a supply of great ingredients or a family recipe. For that reason, a less-is-more approach to label design can highlight the best aspects of a specialty product without encumbering the reader with too much information. Trusting that the value and inherent benefit of your product speaks for itself may be challenging, but overburdening consumers with text and images can overwhelm them. Instead, entrepreneurs should focus on readability. 

“When reading text, eye moves from top left towards right, in the west,” writes Emily Smith of Young Upstarts. “So, after the name of the product, which should be written in the biggest typeface, the most significant information should be shown clearly, starting in the top right corner, or directly under the product name. This information should be in letters sufficiently clear to be readable from about six feet away.”

These strategies can help focus on what’s most important about specialty food labeling: the products themselves! If you’re looking for a flexible way to market your products creatively and memorably, an industrial label printer is the answer. Contact us today to learn more about our range of products that can help you take your culinary startup to the next level. 

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