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Good Housekeeping Seal features on label endorsements for 125 years

The Good Housekeeping Seal is a mainstay of consumer research that many brands covet for their labels. Recently, The New York Times profiled the research wing of Good Housekeeping Magazine, which has tested and endorsed products since 1900. 

Brands who are interested in publishing the seal on their product labels, ranging from food to cosmetics and every household item in between, can apply for it. Products are then set through a rigorous series of tests to prove their health benefits, effectiveness and other customer satisfaction metrics. The tradition started when Harvey W. Wiley, an American chemist, decided to explore the real effects of consumer products on health, safety and sanitation. 

One of the best ways to court consumers to purchase your products is by allowing a third party to certify its integrity. While all products go through tests to be introduced on the market, allowing a visible organization like Good Housekeeping to give your brand a thumbs up can lend credibility and trust to your lines. 

Of course, some certifications are better than others. Diet pill companies and other questionable fields of health and medicine have been infiltrated with doctors who will endorse quackery for a profit. Therefore, when considering an endorsement on your product label, look for the most credible certification entities in the industry. Good Housekeeping maintains its strong record of consumer advocacy by holding its test process to the highest standard. 

Custom label printing allows brands to tell their consumers more about the products they sell, and what respected organizations like Good Housekeeping think of them. With many avenues to gain endorsements from important test institutes, a seal of approval could be a terrific addition to your current label strategy. 

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