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In-house Labeling in the Medical World: Pharmacies and Hospitals

Printing clear and recognizable labels is a huge priority in health care. Successfully identifying the ingredients in a medication or determining whether a drug has expired could be an essential step in keeping a patient safe and healthy. Medical tools and equipment should also be marked with their purpose, usage instructions and other details.

In-house label printers have a top-priority role in medicine.

Lives can be saved or lost in split seconds in medical settings. While clear, effective labeling is important across industries, workplaces and regions, various health care environments are examples of the astronomical value of communicating information visually. From medication labeling in pharmacies to the medical devices used in hospitals, in-house label printers have a top-priority role in medicine.


Pharmacists are bound by government regulations ensuring the drugs they give their patients are safe, approved and authentic. Following these rules is a non-negotiable element of running a pharmacy. When these organizations add their own label printers, they gain operational efficiency and remove a step from the workflow. The important job of ensuring every prescription has the required information on its label is in pharmacists’ own hands, so they can ensure nothing is missing.

The label printers used by pharmacies must be up to this important task. Due to the essential nature of the labels on medicine bottles, they must be printed on materials that won’t wear away, with ink that will remain clear and visible. The individuals using these printers must also stay aware of relevant rules changes, and update their workflows accordingly.

Medical Device Manufacturers

In addition to medication labeling, health care providers must ensure the devices they use have their details and instructions listed. Due to the fact that these labels are governed by strict and evolving rules, it helps medical device manufacturers to run their own compliant labeling operations with in-house hardware and software, rather than working with outside parties. When a new rule is put on the books, these companies can implement the needed changes themselves and immediately begin producing labels on the new model.


In hospitals, clear and effective labels can give doctors and nurses a view of specific patients’ details, with information culled from electronic medical records. Seeing these labels can help prevent critical mistakes, such as administering a medication that produces an allergic reaction. In the name of personalization, as well as quick and efficient operations, these labels can’t be ordered in bulk from a third party: Hospitals must have their own label printers.

Label printing means many things to many companies in the health care space. To learn more about these printers, visit Durafast Label Company’s U.S. store or Canadian page.

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