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Make Great Badges and Name Tags with High-Quality Materials

A good print job starts with solid materials, tough enough to last and suited to the kind of ink being used. To make sure their identity badge and name tag printing operations go off without a hitch, companies should ensure they pick the right base materials for their purposes. They must also make certain they’ve bought enough blank stock to keep up production without a break.

Bringing badge printing in-house is a good way to ensure credentials are created quickly on-site. This is especially helpful for facilities where new people are coming and going often, or where tight security demands constant use of identification. To make sure such a program is successful, leaders have to step up and buy the right materials for the job.

Shopping Effectively

There are a few different types of name badges and tags, and the right stock for the job will depend on which variety a company selects. For example, stick-on name tags are manufactured on label stock rather than badges. These are great for companies that organize one-off events and therefore have more need for temporary credentials than permanent ones.

If a business is in the market for more permanent badges, it’s time to shop for badge stock that matches the printer in use. Color Inkjet printers and direct thermal printers will rely on separate materials. Leaders can select printing stock made specifically for the model of printer they use to maximize their chances of clear, good-looking results.

Different kinds of name tags call for various processes and materials.

Optional Features

When companies need a little extra security, they can seek out special traits in the badge stock they select. For example, expiring badges only last 24 hours. One day after information is printed on these badges, the word VOID appears. Rather than having to look closely at an expiration date on such a badge, security personnel will immediately be able to spot a credential that is more than 24 hours old and refuse entry.

There are expiring badge stock options for dye-based inkjet printers such as those from Primera, as well as thermal-based versions that go with direct thermal printers made by Seiko, Toshiba and others.

Many Badge and Tag Options

Selecting a good printer and top-quality stock for name tags and badges is an important part of running an in-house ID manufacturing operation. Companies can also choose to work with an outside partner, when ordering badges for the team as a service is the best option – DuraFast Label Company can help with either kind of project. Find out more about badge printing here in the U.S. or here in Canada.

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