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Market For Self-Adhesive Labels Expected To Grow

Self-adhesive labels have a number of uses. They can contain consumer-facing product information, or barcodes for the purpose of track and trace systems. While a wide range of industries use these labels, they are most prominent in the consumer packaged goods segment.

However, self-adhesive labels also play a major role in heavy industries – specifically, those labels that are not removable. Power appliances, automotive components and HVAC units all need permanent labels to display important product information.

Demand for this type of labeling is rising in all industries.

Recent studies show that demand for this type of labeling is rising in all industries. A report by Markets and Markets predicted that the self-adhesive label market would be worth $36.92 billion by 2020.

While the largest markets today are located in North America and Europe, the study predicted that the most significant growth of the next four years will be seen in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as in Brazil, Argentina and South Africa.

These developing markets have growing numbers of people with disposable income to spend, which is driving demand for shipping. In particular, they have a growing need for pharmaceutical products in rapidly expanding urban populations. Consumers in the developing world are also showing a greater interest in packaged foods, according to Adhesive Magazine. 

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