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Marketing Products For Generation Z

If you’re still trying to figure out how to market to Millennials, your company might be behind the curve. It’s time to think about what Generation Z wants out of its shopping experience.

Though there is no universal agreement, the term Generation Z generally refers to individuals born during the early 2000s, according to the New York Times. To those of us who are a bit older, this doesn’t seem like that long ago, but many of these people are already old enough to start shopping and playing a serious role in consumer society.

A recent article on Packaging Digest argued that members of this generation will have a more personal relationship with brands and their products than anyone else. The reason? Since these individuals have come of age in a time of widespread internet and mobile device usage, they are used to the idea of interacting not only with their brands, but also creators.

Generation Z isn’t just discovering products through traditional advertisements. It’s also making up the growing segment of the audience turning to websites like YouTube and Snapchat. 

It’s time to think about what Generation Z wants out of its shopping experience.

As a recent article on Entrepreneur argued, Generation Z is looking for a “cool product,” and they are willing to do their homework to decide which one they prefer.

Given how connected they are, companies need to design their products and labels with the internet in mind, as well as the store shelves. This can present challenges, but also some important opportunities.

Digital Printing Gives Brands More Design Options
How can companies give their products a more personal touch? As it turns out, digital printing may be the answer. Businesses can use this to create vibrant label designs that pop on store shelves, while also making for great photos that can be posted on the internet. These types of printers also allow for greater flexibility in design, thanks to a quick turnaround process that lets user print labels much faster.

The flexibility that digital printing provides makes it easier for firms to improve their overall customer experience as well, which is an important part of reaching out to Generation X.

In general, consumers are looking for leaner, more efficient packaging, and this is especially true for the youngest generation. They are looking not only for something that is fresh and attractive, but also, as Entrepreneur points out, products that reflect the causes they believe in – including environmental protection. 

It’s clear that businesses can’t rely on the same old marketing techniques to reach the consumers of tomorrow. If you are looking to refresh your package design, Durafast offers printing solutions that help you create the labels you need for your branding efforts. Contact us today!

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