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New regulations for e-cigarettes proposed

Since their introduction, e-cigarettes have found significant success. Their nicotine-vapor solution is not as potent or malodorous as the smoke from traditional cigarettes, prompting many long-time smokers to make the switch. Today, the devices take many forms and can be found at a variety of retailers, even those who do not traditionally offer tobacco products. 

The devices, because they do not contain tobacco, have also largely escaped the stifling regulations and taxes placed on traditional cigarettes. However, this may soon change. 

The Heart and Stroke Foundation has asked the federal government to take action and regulate electronic cigarettes in a similar fashion to other nicotine-containing products. Citing statistics from a recent study that show electronic cigarettes were more appealing than cigarettes to young people, especially high school students, the foundation has asked for a rapid response. 

Manuel Arango, a foundation spokesman, argued that the devices should be banned from use in public places and workplaces. He also called for regulations to restrict the sale of e-cigarettes to retailers who have already been licensed to sell tobacco. 

“We are quite concerned about the fact that these e-cigarettes have the potential to addict new people to nicotine. That is not something that we want to encourage,” he told the Toronto Star. 

If the government does decide to change the regulations surrounding e-cigarettes labeling and sales, manufacturers and stakeholders will need to act quickly to avoid any expensive losses in productivity. Organizations can gain the competitive edge by investing in their own in-house label printing solutions. Printing labels has never been easier or more affordable, making it the perfect time to invest in custom label printing equipment. 

A digital label printer such as the Afinia L801 Memjet label printer or the Primera Lx900 will provide the perfect mix of cost-efficiency and quality, and will also allow your organization to experiment with new marketing strategies for your e-cigarettes. 

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