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Printing Your Own Small Format Essential Safety Labels

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of business. Not only are workers and customers alike wearing face masks to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus, there’s now a need for essential safety labels throughout workplaces, restaurants, retail stores, gyms, and other gathering places.

Larger signs and displays are commonly used to remind people to maintain a physical distance of at least 6 feet, wash their hands frequently, wear a mask and so on. These signs are intended to be highly visible and are often posted at entrances and in front of hand sanitizer stations.

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Smaller essential safety labels are also helpful and are used in other areas to reinforce your COVID-19 safety messages. For example, using an Epson LabelWorks printer such as the Epson LW-PX900, you can print your own small essential safety labels, complete with text and icons on colored label tapes. These printed labels can be placed on dining tables, restroom mirrors, employee lockers, gym equipment, vehicle dashboards, retail dressing rooms, and other locations where people may need a reminder about the expected behaviors.

You can even use reflective, magnetic, and specialty PX labels with Epson LabelWorks printers. For example, if you can print Epson LabelWorks PX glow-in-the-dark labels to ensure your safety message remains visible even when the lights are off.

If you already own an Epson LabelWorks handheld printer, use it to print your own essential safety labels. If not, check out our selection of Epson LabelWorks printers and get started without spending a fortune.

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