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Study: Most Consumers Are Reading Your Labels

When you sit down to design a product label, it can be easy to convince yourself that the small details don’t matter. After all, how many people really go through the trouble of reading all of the information that you print?

Don’t let your business fall into this mindset. According to a recent study, most consumers are reading more on packaging than you think.

Research by The Hartman Group found that the vast majority of people report reading nutritional labels – especially if they are concerned about their health and weight management.

Most consumers are reading more than you think.

Seventy-two percent of consumers say that they pay attention to these labels, while 42 percent say they do so frequently. When the question was directed solely at those who are watching their weight, 81 percent said they read nutritional panels, and 59 percent said they did so regularly.

This is good news for the FDA, which is about to oversee the first revision of the Nutrition Facts label in about two decades. The redesigned label will emphasize calorie counts and added sugars, and contain new serving sizes that better reflect the amounts of food that Americans tend to consume. Most food manufacturers will have until July 26, 2018 to adopt the new label design, but shoppers can expect to start seeing them on the shelves before that date.

The study’s authors also noted that consumers show an interest in a wide variety of health information, such as whether it’s organic or contains GMOs. Your company should take this into account when designing labels for your food and beverage products. Durafast offers printing solutions that help you produce exactly what you are looking for in a cost-effective manner. Contact us today!

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