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Upcoming Global Packaging Trends For 2017

What does the coming year have in store for product packaging? Even as consumers continue to do more of their shopping online, the look and feel of a product still holds sway over their buying decisions. 

A series of consumer surveys conducted by market research firm Mintel examined some of the changes that are in store for the consumer packaged goods industry in particular. According to one survey, shoppers can look forward to smarter packaging that seeks to provide better shopping experiences.

Shoppers can look forward to smarter packaging.

The following are some of the major trends spotted by the study:

  • Brands are redesigning packaging for the web: Ecommerce is the future. For instance, a Mintel survey found that three quarters of U.K. customers plan to do most of their shopping online within 10 years. Brands need to think about how their packaging looks on a web page, compared to on the store shelves. Thumbnail images on a website are much smaller than in real life, and package designs may have to be streamlined and simplified to stand out.
  • New labels promise to show shoppers what they need to know: All consumable products are marked with a sell-by date, but this does not always help shoppers know whether something is still good to eat. Some brands are experimenting with labels whose colors change as time goes on, indicating to the consumer if it is time to use the product or throw it out.
  • Personalized packages give legacy brands new life: A Mintel survey found that 52 percent of U.S. food shoppers report being drawn to packages with unusual designs. It makes sense that people prefer uniqueness over monotony. Some brands are finding that what customers really like to see customized labels that are fun and playful. For instance, Coca-Cola recently introduced a label in Belgium that allows customers to tie it into a bow.

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