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Wine labels might make the search for obscure brands easier

Making wine labels needs to be done in a way that doesn’t hurt the marketability or the brand image of the vintage. A New York Times article recently mentioned the kinds of problems that can befall those consumers looking to find specific brands. This can be a problem for vineyards and famous producers, who may have tons of publicity and interest but still can’t manage to attract enough sales. 

Of course this is not the only factor keeping different kinds of wine from finding an audience despite the help press like the Times story can provide. The author of the column wrote of the reasons wine doesn’t always wind up in the right places to get the name of the product out there as much as possible, due to the difficulties involved in distribution deals. Could creative labeling help get your bottles a little extra attention from the right people in those places where they are delivered?

“While the readership of The New York Times is global, wine distribution in the United States is splintered into 50 different systems, one for every state,” the column states. “Importers and distributors who do business in, say, New York and New Jersey, may not work in Ohio or Missouri.”

There is already so much uncertainty surrounding the different words and phrases listed on labeling, as Cincinnati! reported on the possible vagaries surrounding “old vine Zinfandel.” A color label printer that your company invests in might make these prime labels more visible and help your customer base locate wines when they have been delivered to an accessible liquor store.

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