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Use a Dedicated Credential Printer for Access to Better Materials

Organizations of all kinds have frequent need for printed badges. This encompasses convention coordinators, sports teams, colleges, venue operators, music festival organizers and many more. These groups have a second important choice to make once they decide to print identification themselves instead of outsourcing. Namely, they have to choose whether to go with a dedicated credential printer.

There are several reasons to go with an oversized printer designed for creating credentials instead of simply making do with a standard printer. Perhaps the most compelling argument in favor of specialized assets has to do with the materials companies use to create badges. When they work with dedicated credential printers, these organizations gain access to specialized paper stock and PVC cards that are the basis for more secure and effective badges.

Ideally Suited to the Task

Paper or cardboard that comes from a normal printer may have to be cut to the right size for credentials, and will naturally lack features designed specifically for badge use. When companies opt for a dedicated credential printer, the stock they use will be better suited to the task of quickly and effectively producing badges that are both visually compelling and hard to replicate.

The mere fact that there are security features in place may deter attempts to create fake badges.

Security features today come in several different forms, from ultraviolet stamps to holograms. When there’s a question of security, these features can bring peace of mind. When personnel have a quick way to tell a genuine badge from a forgery, their job identifying potential intruders becomes easier – and the mere fact that there are security features in place may deter attempts to create fake badges.

In addition to increased safety, dedicated credential materials can simply bring more visual appeal to the table. When given special finishes, such as gloss or matte textures, PVC and paper stock can give a professional sheen to badges and contribute to an event or venue’s branding.

Choose the Right Printer

When working with the SwiftColor SCC4000D, organizations gain access to another advantage. SwiftColor’s proprietary paper and PVC stock are created with an ink-receptive layer that helps the printer’s high-speed single pass printing function. This is what lets the printer create credentials so quickly, allowing it to cope with high-demand situations in which personnel need to create a high volume of badges on the spot.

One of the challenges of running a large event or venue resides in the process of creating passes that keep the premises secure and identify all relevant personnel. The SCC4000D takes the worry out of this necessity – check it out in our U.S. store or our Canadian shop.

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