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The UniNet iColor 700: The Power of Toner

The flexibility and efficiency gained from switching to an in-house label printing model can be significant for companies of all sizes and descriptions. There are a few things business owners have to watch out for when making this decision, however. For instance, they should ensure they aren’t putting themselves in a recurring loop of expensive ink purchases.

The printer a business chooses should have consumable prices – the costs associated with ink and label materials – in line with the organization’s budget. When the company wants to save as much as possible on the recurring cost of ink cartridges, it may pay dividends to investigate toner-based laser printers instead of inkjet models. The UniNet iColor 700 is a leading exemplar of the toner-based models.

Affordable and Versatile

Using the iColor 700 over time is easy for companies, relative to its inkjet equivalents. This printer has one of the lowest costs for ink replacement in the entire in-house printing space. Furthermore, its initial costs include a number of valuable features such as a rewinder and an unwinder integrated into the body of the printer. It also includes the software needed to get started printing high-quality labels.

Toner Means Quality

While toner-based inks are affordable compared to inkjet supplies, they don’t skimp on color. In fact, this ink type is associated with excellent colors and sharpness of imagery. Inkjet models may suffer from a “banding” effect on their printed products,but toner-based models don’t suffer from this issue. The iColor 700 in particular is able to create high-resolution labels at 1200 by 600 dots per inch. UniNet has honed its craft over more than two decades in the industry, creating reliable hardware for companies of all types.

High-Speed Operations

Companies with a concern about minimizing their ink cartridge replacement costs are likely those that go through these consumables often. To put it simply, these are high-volume organizations, always at work on new printing projects. These businesses will appreciate the iColor 700’s ability to produce labels at 30 feet per second, with labels ranging from 6.5 to 8 inches wide. For businesses that need smaller labels, an available fuser attachment can bring the minimum label width as low as 3 inches.

One Among Many

While some companies will find an immediate match in the fast, high-resolution products created by the iColor 700, others will have differing needs. A smaller footprint, a lower up-front price tag, a different ink type – all of those are potential needs. That’s why DuraFast Label’s U.S. store and Canadian shop are stocked with printers of all kinds.

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