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Manage Your Event with Custom Wristbands

Any event’s success depends on its organization and smooth operation. To give your next promotion a chance of reaching these goals, ticketing and admission methods need to be secure, easy to use and intuitive. Wristbands can provide this kind of performance, as they’re simple for attendees to use and make your staff members’ jobs easier as well.

If you want to become truly efficient and independent in the way you ticket your event, you can even bring wristband production in-house, with the aid of a specialized printer. When you’re considering the benefits of this approach, it pays to think about the many advantages wristbands can bring to the table in organizational terms.

An Event Essential

Creating wristbands that are instantly recognizable makes security guards’ jobs easier.

When you run a venue that hosts events, or represent an organization responsible for these gatherings, it’s natural to always look for better ways to handle everyday processes. Admissions and security are some of the most basic, foundational elements of organizing successful conventions, conferences, sporting events and more. Creating wristbands in different categories that are instantly recognizable makes security guards’ jobs easier and helps event staff point people in the right direction on sight.

While there are many ways to get wristbands for an event, the most convenient choice may involve buying a printer and taking the job in-house. This is especially true when the gathering is recurring instead of a one-off. For instance, if you operate a hall or stadium that hosts some kind of event every month or more frequently, an in-house printer can turn out the different wristbands for every show, with your organization keeping control over the process.

Different colors and patterns for press, employees, VIPs, general admission entrants and more can help you quickly establish a sense of control over event security. People won’t have to pull passes out of their pockets to figure out where to go – all the information is right there around their wrists, hard to lose and easy for staff to see.

Pick the Right Printer

A label printer that can also create wristbands on demand is a must-have for any office belonging to a venue or organizer. The Epson TM-C3400 could be just the right choice for your company, able to print at 3.7 inches per second at 360 by 720 dpi. Even if you have limited space available, this compact printer will be a great addition to your collection of essential technology.

To find out more about the TM-C3400, check it out on our U.S. website or the equivalent Canadian page.

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