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The Many Uses for Waterproof Labels

Using materials and processes specifically designed to make labels waterproof is a worthwhile decision for companies in a wide variety of industries. From products meant to be stored outside to chemical barrels which must retain their information in case they are lost at sea, the potential venues for waterproof and tough labels are near-endless.

Companies that bring their labeling processes in-house by purchasing a label printer should determine whether waterproofing is one of the processes they need in their particular lines of business. The following are a few of the circumstances that can necessitate this choice and cause a brand to pick a particular labeling option.

When Required by Law

Sometimes, label toughness isn’t a choice, but rather a requirement. In industries such as chemical manufacturing, organizations have to ensure the identifying labels on their products’ containers are tough enough to survive in extreme circumstances, including when submerged in water. One of the relevant regulations for such sectors is British Standard 5609 (BS5609).

BS5609 labels are tested relentlessly – to receive this certification, a printing method must be able to create impressions that three months or longer when completely submerged in seawater. Certain printers have received this stamp of approval, and brands that are required to meet such high standards should ensure that the new systems they employ are up to code.

BS5609 labels must stay tough underwater for three months.

Other Waterproof Label Scenarios

Of course, the circumstances described above are extreme. There are plenty of reasons to use waterproof labels on the packages for consumer goods, especially those expected to be used or stored in locations such as consumers’ bathrooms, or outdoors. Products with tough labels can continue showing important information clearly even after periods of storage or use. This includes ingredient lists, usage directions and more.

Resilient labels are also important branding tools. When companies’ logos keep looking good even after use in tough environments, it serves as a good potential advertisement for the brand, encouraging shoppers to purchase more items from the same maker. This is especially important for products that are stored outside before they’re sold – labels that fall apart on the shelves won’t convince many people to buy them.

Get the Right Printer

Selecting an adequate printer, finishing method and material is a complex process, and getting it wrong may have serious consequences for companies. Fortunately, there is plenty of help and advice to be had today. Setting up a label printing assembly line within an organization’s headquarters is a great way to become independent, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of quality.

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