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Use ‘Premiumization’ To Attract Customers

People might try not to judge books by their covers, but they certainly seem to judge products by their packages. In many consumer-focused industries, the look and feel of packaging can help to secure brand loyalty.

You want your customers to feel like they are getting more for their dollar. But it isn’t enough to simply offer them a good deal on something that is plain and uninviting. Even ordinary, everyday purchases should feel like small indulgences – regardless of whether they actually break the budget. That builds customer attachment.

You want your customers to feel like they are getting more for their dollar.

Lately, package designers have been exploring the concept of “premiumization.” Simply put, this means taking visual design cues from the luxury market and repurposing them for mass audiences. Done well, this can completely shift a customer’s view of a particular products.

An article in Packaging Digest explains that effective premiumization depends on a deep understanding of a market in context. For instance, the news source points out that shoppers in the U.S. and the U.K. view hand-crafted and locally-grown food products as higher quality than mass produced goods. But in developing nations, such as India and China, the opposite is the case.

Premiumization is about making the customer feel special. High quality, textured label paper, as well as rich ink, suggests that the producer has put time and thought into the product being portrayed.

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