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Valentine’s Day marks major label moment for brands

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many companies are preparing to roll out label strategies to commemorate the $13 billion holiday of love. In February, Valentine’s Day promotions can generate interest around products ranging from cosmetics to candy. As husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends struggle to come up with the perfect gift for their spouse or partner, the marketplace makes it easy to craft the perfect expression of “I love you” on short notice. 

Here are some ways your label strategy can capitalize on Valentine’s Day, and court new customers to your brand. 

1. Offer an experience. Specially-labeled Valentine’s Day bubble bath can be marketed as a coy suggestion for how to make the holiday romantic. Scented candles, home decorations and other utility-driven items can be presented as activities, rather than just simple products. Express your line’s ability to create an atmosphere of romance that customers can participate in, with custom label printing

2. Write a recipe for romance. If your company manufactures food products, this is the perfect time to make suggestions for a Valentine’s Day menu. Even an item as un-sexy as canned tomatoes can be labeled with a brief date-night recipe that lovebirds can follow. 

3. Don’t forget the single people. Couples aren’t the only people who scramble to make plans for Valentine’s Day. The biggest global ecommerce holiday on the planet is China’s “Singles Day,” dedicated to people without partners. From wine to cosmetics, brands can make cheeky plays for the people who find themselves going stag on Valentine’s Day. 

4. Stand out from the crowd. Walk into any drugstore or supermarket in February, and everything looks the same: red and pink hearts, Cupid’s arrows and other predictable fixtures. By all means, embrace the iconography of the holiday, but go the extra mile to make your visuals distinctive from the pack. 

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