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What consumers are looking for on their food labels

As we at Durafast discovered at the Toronto Bakery Showcase, many bakeries and food producers experience issues with the cost, supply, efficiency and quality of their existing labeling process. By investing in new, more efficient labeling solutions, these organizations not only avoid headache and time spent fixing damaged labels, they can attract new customers to their business. 

Having an in-house printing solution allows food manufacturers and retailers to stay on top of current labeling trends and legislation. A recent study by the The International Food Information Council released last month unearthed some interesting details about how the information on, and the information missing from, a label can influence a consumer’s purchasing decisions. 

According to the results of the study, 53 percent of consumers are looking for products that contain fiber, 55 percent are looking for whole grains and 50 percent mentioned they look for products that show protein content on their labels. By prominently displaying the presence of these three ingredients on a label, organizations can drastically increase customer interest in their products.

The study also found that their are some ingredients that consumers are looking to avoid, such as added sugars, trans fats, and high fructose corn syrup. If your products are made without the use of any of these ingredients, clearly communicating that fact on the label could boost sales. 

The results of the study illustrate the power of properly targeted labeling at attracting interest. DuraFast Label offers printing solutions for all your label printing needs. Our custom label printers allow you to display the information the customer needs where it is most effective, and allows for quick adjustments to experiment with new labeling strategies.

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