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3 things all great labels should be

For companies with new lines of products, it can be challenging to know where to start when devising a custom label printing strategy. Here are three key qualities good labels should have to find success in competitive and fast-paced markets:

Good label should be:

  • Informative. Perhaps the most important quality of a good label is that it carries the right information in a legible, easily understood manner. When too much space and attention is given to brand elements, the informative aspects of a label can be lost. A harmonious balance of need-to-know facts with superficial marketing material can yield the best results. In many cases, the “informative” aspects of labels need to be in compliance with trade regulations. 
  • Attractive. On the aesthetic side, labels need to attract new customers to try your products. Whether your brand voice is formal and elegant or goofy and whimsical, how you present your brand and products in labels can determine whether you successfully attract consumers. 
  • Memorable. Being attractive might be enough to court customers to your brand once. However, labels need to be striking enough that when those consumers return to the marketplace, they know to seek them out again. Part of this involves delivering on value propositions indicated in the previous two categories. The more effectively you can make a lasting impression, the more long-term loyalty your marketing efforts will be. 

With a color label printer, companies can market their products for their target audiences in informative, attractive, memorable ways. Contact us today to learn more about our diverse selection of printing solutions for companies in a variety of markets and industries. 

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