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Best Printers to Make Conference Name Badges

At an industry gathering, organization is a primary objective. If the logistics of the event fall apart, attendees may be left waiting a long time for services as simple as entry to the conference. Organizers hoping to run professional gatherings on a regular basis can improve their chances of a successful event by making sure their processes are consistent and they have the technology to execute their plans.

Name badge printers are among the resources that can make a conference run smoothly. While organizers may order their badges from third-party printers by default, running printers on-site is a flexible, efficient and affordable way to improve the convention experience. The scale of the event will likely determine whether it’s best to use a single printer or more than one. The following are a few of the models that can help keep badge production on track.

Epson TM-C3500

This reliable printer from Epson is heavily focused on creating high-quality imagery. Rather than being optimized for high-volume, low-variety situations as some other commercial printers are, this device is based on creating impressive, customized items – it’s a natural fit for convention organizers to set up at badge production stations. Its design is also meant to optimize resource use, with operators able to replace its four single-color ink cartridges as needed, instead of only all at once.

Epson TM-C3400LT

A relative of the C3500, the “LT” in this printer’s name stands for label terminal. It is designed to work without a computer, and has an LCD touch panel to allow easy and intuitive control. When event organizers want to set up badge creation stations on-site at the conference, this type of all-in-one device is a great choice. The interface’s simplicity means convention staff will be able to pick up its operation with little training and dive right into badge creation.

Primera LX500

The remarkably compact and affordable LX500 makes a great addition to a conference organizer’s technology lineup. Its modest, desktop-friendly footprint means it can go just about anywhere, and delivers eye-catching badges a 4800-dpi print quality. Considering this printer’s affordable nature, organizers can potentially deploy more than one unit, expanding badge creation to more than one location.

Preparing to Host an Event

Industry conference organizers have to think of every logistical element of each gathering, as even one inefficient process can make a schedule go awry. Fortunately, badge production operations are relatively easy to bring under control, provided the right printers are present.

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