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Printer Profile: High-Volume Value with the Primera CX1200

When it’s time for your company to consider its in-house label printer options, a number of factors will ultimately determine which piece of hardware is the best fit. One of those variables is volume.

If your business is growing rapidly or simply produces a large number of items, it needs a printer that can keep up with the demand, reliably turning out finished labels that are up to industry quality standards. While the upfront costs for such an all-inclusive label press are greater than they would be for a desktop printer, the results speak for themselves. Among high-volume options, one name in particular stands out: The Primera CX1200.

Unbeatable Quality and Speed

When companies demand fast printing without sacrificing quality, the CX1200 is always near the top of the list. This press produces its labels at a speed of 16.25 feet per minute. Furthermore, it accepts large, 12-inch rolls of label stock. This allows the printer to get through 1250 feet of labels in one run. Furthermore, it has a rewinding system calibrated to handle its blistering speed, with an IntelliTorque system keeping track of tension.

By employing high-quality ink and materials, the CX1200 produces labels at a visual quality of up to 2400 dots per inch. It’s not just for companies that want attractive and sharp labels for their products, however. It’s capable of producing vital descriptive labels to identify the contents of chemicals. The press is compatible with label rolls certified to comply with British Standard 5609, commonly associated with identifying labels meant to hold up under tough environmental conditions.

Going for the Full Press

When deciding whether to opt for a full printing press such as the CX1200, it pays to think about how many labels your brand will need. When a company requires 5,000 labels or more per month, the financial case for owning a heavy-duty press comes into focus. The CX1200 contains a bracket where a user can attach a full-size PC monitor to check on its progress. Its cutter and rewind station ensure that the labels coming off the press are perfectly presented.

While the CX1200 isn’t for everyone, Primera also offers a full line of smaller printers that can fulfill the label printing needs of smaller companies. DuraFast Label Company offers this variety of options, to ensure that when a business brings up a labeling problem, there will be a solution at the ready.

You can check out the Primera CX1200 Digital Label Press at the DuraFast website – here for U.S. shoppers and here for Canadian customers.

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