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Canada and U.S. feud over mandatory meat labeling

The labeling of meat imports hinged on an important decision by the U.S. Senate as it discussed a proposed spending plan with a provision that would revoke mandatory “country-of-origin” labeling (COOL) on meat imported from other countries. After a lot of contention surrounding the law, the senate announced on December 16 that the new spending plan would repeal it, and meat packers are no longer required to label the country in which their animals are raised and slaughtered. 

Since the mandate was introduced, U.S. meat packers have vehemently worked against it to avoid punitive tariffs of more than $1 billion imposed by the World Trade Organization. Canada fought for these tariffs, finding the labeling mandate to unfairly discriminate against them. U.S. meat packer, Tyson Foods Inc publicly sought a repeal against the law to help the meat industry avoid these fines and unnecessarily complicated supply chains. While the senate’s final decision was still pending, International Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland advised the U.S. to repeal COOL to prevent further retaliation from Canada.

“At a time of global economic weakness and fierce competition, manufacturers need policies that ensure a level playing field and enhance global opportunities, not ones that create new barriers for our exports,” said Freeland in a press release.

While some supporters of COOL believe the mandatory labeling could allow consumers to make better informed decisions about their purchases, its critics see how it negatively impacts government spending, opening the door for Canada to retaliate with steep tariffs on all goods traveling from the U.S. and imposing an undue infringement on free trade.

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