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Choosing the Best Label Maker for Your Small Business – Most Reliable Brands

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A label maker can help you organize your small business, print product labels or barcodes or just keep supplies tidy. So if you’re looking for the best label maker, you want to be sure it has the necessary features and functions to help you get the most out of it. 

Some key components to consider when evaluating label maker machines include:

  • Easy-to-use keyboard layout
  • Available fonts – make sure they are super legible but also fit your branding if you’re using it for items visible to customers
  • Adapter or battery-powered – each has its own benefits, but some label makers allow for both power options

Here’s a look at the best options and why they are ideal for your small business.

1. Primera LX500 Color Label Printer

Best for: Affordable Color Label Maker

Shopping at your local office supply store won’t cut it anymore as your small business starts to grow. You need to consider getting a higher quality color label maker that will make your products recognizable and distinct. 

This label maker prints beautiful color labels at an affordable price. These labels are great for small businesses that need to create product labels. These labels will be clear, easy to read and make your small business look professional.

Distinctive Features

  • Small profile is great for small office environments
  • Comes with $150 in free labels
  • Includes a 30-day trial of premium support
  • Prints labels with 4800 dpi resolution
  • Drivers available for Windows or Mac

Price: $1,395

2. Epson TM-C7500G Glass Color Label Printer

Best for: High-volume Color Label Maker

If your small business is poised to grow quickly, you might need a faster, more reliable color label printer. To get the speed and volume you need for a quickly growing business, look into a laser printer. 

InkJet printers can print hundreds of labels per hour to meet the needs of your scaling business while being more affordable than laser printers. These printers tend to be much larger, so plan for the added space within your office.

Distinctive Features

  • Print up to 11.8 inches per second
  • High volume, on-demand printing
  • Affordable printing at about 50% less than laser printers
  • Reliable, consistent print results to provide a cohesive experience

Price: $7,495

3. Epson/K-Sun LW-Z5000PX Standard Kit

Best for: Small but Powerful Label Maker

The Epson/K-Sun LW-Z5000PX has an ultra-small profile but is incredibly powerful at printing two-inch labels. It uses thermal transfer at 300 dpi. You’ll enjoy extremely affordable bulk label printing. Just know that it is only black and white printing.

You’ll find this tool to be extremely versatile in meeting your office labeling needs, such as bar codes, identification labels, signage, wire wraps, iron-on labels and more.

Distinctive Features

  • Use the lithium-ion battery or AC adapter power
  • Takes PX tape in rolls of up to 145 feet long in a variety of colors to meet your needs
  • Connects via USB cable

Price: $550

4. DYMO LabelWriter 450 Turbo Label Maker and Printer

Best for: Printing Mailing/Shipping Labels

The DYMO LabelWriter 450 is the ultimate small business label maker if you’re just starting out. It’s great for printing mailing or shipping labels for startup e-commerce businesses. 

Or if a department within your small business has minimal label needs and wants to handle those on their own, you can purchase them this excellent label maker.

Avoid costly fees and monthly commitments with this fast USPS-approved postage label printer. Print from Microsoft Word for incredible ease of use.

Distinctive Features

  • Comes with starter labels
  • Includes power adapter and USB cable
  • Prints 71 labels per minute
  • Uses thermal printing to keep costs low
  • Quick start guide helps first-time users learn the device

Price: $203

5. Epson LabelWorks LW-PX300 Industrial Label Printer

Best for: Portable Label Maker

Create labels using up to 14 different fonts and 10 styles. Select from more than 300 symbols for easy serial number markings. Use colored tapes to add additional coding and categorizing options. Print up to two lines of text at a time. 

You can store up to 30 files within the big built-in memory. The only big setback to this compact, yet powerful printer is that it requires 6 AAA batteries to power it. It does not have a built-in battery or AC power adapter option.

Distinctive Features

  • Compact and portable
  • LCD screen and keyword
  • Works with PX tapes
  • Print labels up to ¾ of an inch wide
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty

Price: $89

6. Epson LabelWorks LW-PX400 Industrial Label Printer

Best for: Compact Bluetooth Label Printer

Any application or device that can connect to a standard printer can also connect to the Epson LabelWorks LW-PX400. This powerful yet compact label maker can print a variety of label types and works with many types of tapes.

Print from a variety of media types to meet your needs. This device is an editor’s choice on PCMag for medium-duty industrial labeling.

Distinctive Features

  • Connects to iOS and Android devices
  • Prints labels up to 1-inch wide
  • Compatible with tapes that are magnetic, glow-in-the-dark, reflective and more
  • Can connect via Bluetooth or USB cable
  • Must be plugged in or use 6 AA batteries

Price: $169

Common Label Maker Printer Questions

Get answers to common questions that people ask about how to purchase label maker printers for their business. 

Who Makes the Best Label Printer?

It really depends on your needs. Several high-quality brands make excellent custom label makers. Some of these brands include Epson, DYMO and iSYS. Selecting one of these sticker label makers will enable you to print everything from barcodes to product labels.

What Is the Easiest Label Maker to Use?

The Epson LabelWorks LW-PX300 Industrial Label Printer offers a keyboard so you can type out your labels and print directly from the compact and easy-to-use device. This device doesn’t require any software on your computer or learning how to use a Bluetooth connection. You’ll love typing up the text for your labels and printing them directly from this device for your small business.

Is a Label Maker Worth the Price?

The price for a label maker is minimal yet you’ll enjoy incredible ease compared to printing labels from a standard printer. While you certainly can get the labels for your standard printer and use a template to print these off, it’s far more complicated, has a huge learning curve and is not efficient for your small business. Investing in a label maker is worth the price, especially if you’re planning to print your own high-quality product labels.

What Purpose Does a Label Maker Serve in a Small Business?

Label makers can serve a wide variety of functions for your business. Some of the most common are price marking and product barcoding. But you could use label makers for a wide variety of other applications. If you own an e-commerce business, you’ll save tons of time when you use a label printer for your shipping labels instead of printing them off in other ways.

High-quality Label Printers for Businesses

If you’re still unsure about what label printer would be right for your business, contact us. We’ll help you learn more about the best option based on your needs and the types of labels you need to print. DuraFast Label helps businesses find high-quality solutions through either purchase or lease.

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