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Explore the Advantages of LED Label Printing

Businesses selecting a new label printer have a lot of variables to consider, and the final decision will probably be based on the exact kinds of labels involved. From eye-catching product labels for store shelves to absolutely necessary GHS-compliant chemical drum labels, the possibilities run the gamut.

Once leaders are sure what they’re going to be printing, they can consider every element that goes into an ideal printer – including the type of process it uses to make its images. LED laser printing, using toner, is one of the options worth pondering.

Practical Advantages of Laser Printing

Even within the big tent of laser printing, there are a few distinctions to be made. The Lexmark Laser Print Engine is based on high-temperature printing, yielding extremely clear, 2400-dpi imagery. This process bonds the ink with polyester and other synthetic compounds. Furthermore, applying toner while heated leads to a finished product with great resistance to ultraviolet lighting.

Businesses that want to work with materials beyond the relatively few available to Lexmark tech have other options. For instance, the OKI LED Print Engine accommodates many more label materials. Glossy polypropylene materials that don’t work with heated application are compatible with OKI printers. Furthermore, the reduced temperature negates label adhesive melting, which is one of the risks of Lexmark laser technology.

With OKI LED printing, companies can print with white toner, which allows users to generate the color white when the base material is black or clear. Software plugins available for some of the relevant printers even allow white toner to become a base for other colors of ink. When using this underlying layer, the imagery seems to “pop” more vividly.

As with the Lexmark system, there are a few downsides to OKI LED printing that may apply to certain companies’ use cases. This includes a limited variety of label widths available, depending on the printer, and the fact that other types of print hardware starts at lower price points.

Meet the Laser Printer Lineup

When it comes to picking a printer, companies today have a huge variety of choice available, from a number of brands, even when staying under the umbrella of LED laser printing instead of venturing into dye- or pigment-based inks.

The Afinia Label R365 is one option, with its ability to engage in high-volume bulk printing, for purposes ranging from food service product labels to individuals’ name badges. Check it out in our U.S. shop or Canadian store.

For a printer using the high-heat Lexmark label printing method, consider the Primera CX1000, capable of quickly turning out labels in small to medium quantities. Find it on our U.S. site or the Canadian version.

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