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How name badges can benefit your business

By printing your own name badges in-house, your company saves both time and money. Besides these two advantages, there are a host of other benefits that come from having your employees wear identifying badges in the store or office.

  • Security: Office security and co-workers can both immediately know if an individual works in the building, or needs to be greeted based on whether or not a visitor is wearing a nametag. 
  • Ease of starting a conversation: “It’s awkward for the guest to have to ask for your name or the staff member to introduce himself. I find that guests love it when they can easily remember the name of our people,” said Mark Harmon, CEO of Auberge Resorts in an interview in Forbes. In professional settings, it can end the awkward feeling of not remembering a colleagues name, even though you have been exchanging emails for weeks. 
  • Free Exposure: Name badges inevitably get worn to business lunches or even the bistro on the way home from work. The company name gets advertised, free of charge, through the people that know it best.
  • Employee Accountability: Name badges act as a deterrent for employees who have had a rough day and might like to tell a troublesome client their personal opinions. On the other hand, name badges can help identify stellar staff members by making it easier for clients to be more specific when reporting positive experiences. 
  • Identify Roles: Name badges let people know if they are talking to an individual in authority or the new mailroom intern. It also identifies whether or not a person can be of assistance with a particular task, especially for new hires. 

DuraFast offers the Epson TM-C3400 Label Printer, which automates the entire label production process, allowing businesses to deliver high-quality, custom, vibrant labels of any volume and composition. It is easily adjustable to multiple sizes, making it the perfect asset to create high-quality and durable name badges for any work environment. 

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