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How to Create Color Labels with Zebra Printers

Color labels are a great way to help your warehouse keep track of inventory. They also provide an easy way for customers to find the products that they need in stores. If you have a black and white thermal Zebra printer, we have good news. It’s possible to add a splash of color to your labels. Here’s how.

What is a Zebra Printer and How Does It Work?

To understand how to create color labels with a Zebra printer, it’s important that we first talk about the different types of Zebra printers: direct thermal and thermal transfer. Direct thermal printers do not require the use of a ribbon while thermal transfer printers do. A ribbon contains the ink which transfers onto the label when heated. Ribbons typically contain black ink, but they can contain colors as well.

Why Use Color Labels?

Though Zebra printers are typically used to print black and white labels, they can also print color labels. Using the colors in your brand will help to identify products quickly and easily, which is helpful for customers who need fast identification of inventory items at a glance. Likewise, color labels are great for identifying and organizing different types of inventory items in a warehouse or office.

How To Create Color Labels With Zebra Printers

The first way to create color labels with a Zebra thermal label printer is to use pre-printed direct thermal label stock. You’ll need to work with Durafast to produce preprinted label rolls with your design, or if you have your own color label printer, you can print them yourself.

The second way to create color labels with a Zebra thermal label printer is to use flood-coated label stock. We have a large selection of pre-printed flood-coated label stock in a variety of colors. Choose from full flood-coated labels or white labels with colored frames or bars across the top.

And finally, if you have a Zebra thermal transfer printer, you can create color labels by printing on white label stock with a colored ribbon. We have a large inventory of colored thermal transfer ribbons in various lengths and widths for Zebra printers.

A Zebra printer is a great tool for small businesses and marketers to have in their arsenal. One of the most popular ways to add color to your labels with this type of printer is with preprinted color labels, but you can also use flood-coated label stock or a color ribbon if you have a thermal transfer printer. Browse our inventory of flood-coated color thermal labels and thermal transfer ribbons today.

Here are some great deals on color thermal transfer labels for Zebra printers:

40120 3″ x 4″Blue/White  (Blue PMS = BL#310U)
40121 3″ x 4″ Green/White (Green PMS = GR#374U)
40122 3″ x 4″ Orange/White (Orange PMS = OR#1495)
40123 3″ x 4″ Pink/White (Pink PMS = PI#1767)
40124 3″ x 4″ Yellow/White (Yellow PMS = PANTONE YE)
40125 3″ x 4″ White (2,000/stack)

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