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Press Your Brand’s Own T-Shirts with a Quality Heat Press

Control of production is the key concept when it comes to bringing apparel printing back in-house. While brands have traditionally outsourced the creation of logo-bearing products, this kind of process makes it harder to focus on quality and detail. Taking the process back and overseeing it more closely can lead to apparel products the brand is proud of, provided the company has the right heat press.

Don’t Settle for Less

Companies may want to decorate apparel for one of several reasons – creating promotional items to give away is a major motive, as is creating uniforms for employees to wear on the job. No matter why the brand is committing to customized goods, however, quality is essential. Consumers who see a logo applied haphazardly may wonder why the company was so careless.

While firms’ first inclination may be to turn the production of uniform or promotional apparel over to overseas providers, the amount of control in these situations is necessarily reduced. When businesses want to oversee the quality and quantity of production in a hands-on way, or when they simply want an affordable way to get only a few of a particular item, then they have a case for bringing their garment printing into the building.

Keeping quality and reliability high are top reasons for re-shoring printing.

In these cases, it pays to shop around and get the right printer for the job. Logos applied via a bad heat press can fade in patches over time. Seeing as keeping quality and reliability high are top reasons for re-shoring printing in the first place, this is one area where companies can’t compromise.

The case for Hotronix

The Hotronix Fusion Heat Press is a printer of choice because it can deliver on all the various goals firms will have for their uniform or promotional apparel printing. The press has a unified temperature that applies the graphics evenly and completely. Furthermore, its swing and draw motion ensures that employees aren’t exposed to the heat.

With touchscreen controls and saved time settings, the Fusion is a snap to use. It is available in eight languages and its lower platen rotates, to ensure that users can print on any portion of a garment. Companies that choose to print their own garment designs can be comfortable in that decision if they choose a reliable piece of hardware such as this one.

The Hotronix Fusion is one of the unique and powerful print solutions available from DuraFast. You can check it out in our U.S. online store here. If you’re based in Canada, the relevant store is here.

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