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Study: Packaging May Be More Effective Than Advertising?

If your business is looking to boost sales, what is the best way to go about it? One potential answer is to launch an ad campaign. However, new research suggests that this may not be the most efficient way for a company to use its resources.

Placing marketing statements directly on packaging makes it easier for shoppers to verify them.

In a recent paper published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, researchers are the University of Miami School of Business Administration concluded that consumers are more likely to trust marketing statements places on product packages than those in advertisements.

Their experiments showed that, in general, the closer a marketing statement was to the product itself, the more likely consumers were to take it seriously and base their purchasing decisions on its message.

“Knowing how believable product information is in various mediums can help marketers to decide where to allocate their resources when promoting a product,” said researcher Claudia Townsend, according to Packaging World.

The researchers suggested that placing marketing statements directly on packaging makes it easier for shoppers to verify them. These statements also help certain products stand out from the competition. Meanwhile, other forms of advertising – such as television spots, billboards and online banner ads – are often encountered outside of the shopping experience.

An attractive label with a strong marketing message may be just what your product means to gain traction among your customer base. Make sure you don’t skimp on the labeling material itself. Durafast offers printing solutions that help you produce exactly what you are looking for. Contact us today!

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