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Study: Seafood labeling lacks consistency

Consumers are willing to pay a premium price for fresh, quality seafood products. However, this willingness is based on consumer faith in the labeling claims made by producers, retailers and restaurants. Now, a recent study by Oceana, a major international ocean conservation organization, has shaken consumer confidence. 

Oceana performed a DNA-based survey of 143 shrimp products sold at 111 major outlets, including locations in New York City, Washington, D.C., Portland, Oregon, and several other outlets along the coast. The results of the test showed that approximately 30 percent of the shrimp products were inaccurately labeled.

Researchers discovered several instances of mass-produced, farm-raised shrimp labeled as premium-priced wild-caught Gulf shrimp. Wholesalers were also selling many shrimp products with no indication of their origin or harvesting methods, which may lead to retailers and restaurants making false claims to their quality later on.

Lauren Sucher, an FDA spokeswoman, explained to the Associated Press that mislabeling is illegal and pointed out that the agency inspects and enforces labeling laws, handing out warnings and fines. These fines can cause significant damage to an organization’s operations, as well as long-lasting damage to its reputation and trade partnerships. 

Industry stakeholders have expressed concern about the results of the study, and their potential impact on shrimp sales and pricing. The Oceana study concluded with a plea to Congress to ramp up enforcement of seafood labeling, and to levy heavier penalties against those who purposefully mislabel seafood products for monetary gain. 

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