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The Great Run of the Primera LX900

It’s time to celebrate one of the greats of the label printer world – the Primera LX900. This device, known for its speed and ability to create high-quality product labels in a small footprint, recently entered end-of-life status.

This doesn’t mean it’s useless, however – the OEM will continue to offer ink cartridges for at least three years, potentially as many as seven years if demand is high enough. With a printer as popular as the LX900, demand certainly seems likely.

Today, it’s time to look back on what this printer has brought to the table and why it achieved its status as the best-selling label printer.

Powerful, Fast Features

The LX900 uses dye-based inks, which can provide high quality at a reasonable price. This is the kind of combination that made it a hit with business owners for years. Bringing label printing in-house is a great way to take greater control of the production process, but it presents its own problems if companies can’t afford to create labels at the quantity they desire, or with professional-looking fidelity. By providing both, the LX900 established a place for itself.

It’s clear how a single piece of hardware became such a fixture among business owners.

Dye-based inks compare favorably to pigment-based options. Photographic quality and vibrant colors are the LX900’s trademark.

When that stunning image fidelity is combined with the printer’s ability to create labels up to 8 inches wide, it’s clear how a single piece of hardware became such a fixture among business owners.

Industries such as food production gained a way to take labeling in-house with the LX900. Controlling the label creation process, from design to application, is a declaration of independence for manufacturers. Small and medium-sized companies looking for affordable ways to run their own branding efforts are the archetypal audience for a reliable, high-quality label printer.

Still in Stock

We at Durafast have been a part of the LX900’s story over the years as it took over the market, offering this fine piece of hardware to our customers. If you’d like to own this remarkable printer, it’s still available in our U.S. store here or on our Canadian page here.

With included software to help organizations take on label design duties, this is a top-quality printer option for organizations that are starting out or rebooting their branding. Label stock and ink are also available, so contact us if you think this legendary device is right for your organization.

And what comes next for Primera? Well, it would be a shame to leave a gap in the market, so for now, let us just say “LX1000.”

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