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The power of limited edition labeling

Many manufacturers are already aware of the sales benefits of having an in-house product label printing solution that allows them to experiment with different labeling strategies. For example, being able to print Christmas-themed labels on-demand can greatly influence sales during the holiday season. 

But as Food Business News explored in a recent piece, manufacturers and producers do not need to wait for a holiday in order to incentive sales. Printing limited-edition labels can be a powerful way to create urgency in a buying decision.

Manufacturers can either use this as an opportunity to test a new product line, or simply use limited edition labels to increase consumer perception of the product. With a limited-edition label, consumers know there is a risk of not being able to purchase or try the product again in the future, making them want to seize the opportunity while it is present. 

Many established organizations have found success with the limited-edition label strategy, such as California Pizza Kitchen in their line of frozen pizzas, or Coca-Cola with their labels focusing on the 2014 World Cup.

Limited-edition labels can also be considered collectors items, with consumers being incentivize to collect an entire series.

With DuraFast’s extensive line of “do-it-yourself” label printing solutions, the possibilities for limited edition labeling strategies are endless. 

The Afinia R635 digital color label press represents the peak of innovation in high-speed laser printing, regardless of industry. This cost and time-effective labeling solution can produce 20,000 labels in just 35 minutes on many media types, which is up to 30 feet of labels per minute!

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