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Your Beer Needs A Brilliant Label

One of the great things about the craft beer revolution is that there is now no shortage of choices for beer lovers. A well-stocked liquor store carries so many brands and styles that it would take a serious effort to taste them all. It’s easy to see how those who don’t know what they may like might feel overwhelmed.

While some brave consumers will always make an effort to seek out the latest beers, it’s safe to say that many more drinkers will stick with their favorites rather than have to deal with indecision. This presents a problem for smaller operations that are trying to gain new fans and additional market share in this incredibly crowded field.

Labels can play numerous roles for breweries, depending on the type of beer being sold.

The solution is a creative labeling strategy that helps even unknown breweries stand out on the shelves.

As an article on Charlotte Five noted that labels can play numerous roles for breweries, depending on the type of beer being sold. They can reflect a seasonal offering – such as pumpkins and foliage in the fall – or advertise the addition of a special ingredient. For instance, many beers that include fruit will feature prominent images on their labels.

First impressions are always key. Even if your beer is a tried-and-true style that does not attempt to color too far outside the lines, your label will make a difference. An attractive, unique art style can go a long way toward catching the customer’s eye. 

Durafast offers a number of different printing solutions to help you develop the labels you need for your branding efforts. Contact us today for more information!

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