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Durable Labels

Avoid contamination possibilities with the right labels

One word can really make all the difference, or even, the lack of one word can have the same effect. Especially when hazardous materials are involved, it is critical that all chemical labels are accurate and adhere to GHS labeling standards. Otherwise, the repercussions could be serious and far-reaching.

For example, let’s say that a chemical manufacturing plant needs to distribute product to a company that is located within several hours driving distance. The materials are safely put into a large barrels, but then something goes wrong with the labels. Perhaps a federally mandated update was never integrated, or a drum was simply given the wrong chemical label. Either way, the description on the outside of a container does not match what is inside of it.

Depending on the chemical in question, this could be disastrous. Inaccurate labels might lead to employees putting items together that will have an adverse reaction. An explosion is not always the outcome, but it could still be dangerous for individuals who are transporting or processing the items in question.

This is where an Epson GP-C831 color label printer can be used. With this label printer, businesses can rest assured that they will always remain current on their chemical labels. Additionally, should any federal or local mandates change, organizations will not fall behind on orders, as all label printing can be processed in-house.

Regardless of how hazardous materials are moved from one location to the next, it is essential that this process is made to be as smooth as possible. All employees and customers must be able to read and understand the durable labels on a chemical drum or barrel. When individuals know what is inside a container, how to accurately transport and then store the item, an accident is less likely to occur.

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