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Creative QR Code Use Cases During the Pandemic

QR Lodes

QR codes are often used in marketing campaigns, on product labels, and in brochures as a convenient, space-efficient way to communicate additional information to consumers. During the pandemic, QR code labels are helping facilitate social distancing, contact tracing, shopping, entertainment, and more during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some examples of creative QR code use cases we’ve come across.

  • Window shopping — With many shops limited to eCommerce and curbside pickup, some shop owners have posted window clings and clear labels with QR codes on them. The QR codes can contain product information, videos, photos, reviews, or links to purchase the product online. When consumers walk by the shop window, they can scan the QR code and satisfy their curiosity. Even better, many will purchase an item on the spot. Depending on the circumstances, it may even be possible for the retailer to fulfill the order curbside.
  • Contact free paymentsWalmart integrated QR codes into its mobile app. Now, when customers with the app check out, they can simply scan a QR code and pay via Walmart Pay on their mobile app — all without touching a public terminal or handing their card or cash to a cashier.
  • Speedy checkout lines — Another grocery store, Fairway Market, has an app where customers scan their groceries as they add them to their carts. Once they’ve completed their shopping, the app generates a QR code that they then scan at the checkout counter and pay for their groceries. This allows for a speedy check out and reduces long lines at checkout.
  • Taxi rider registration — Some taxi services are posting QR code labels in their cars so that riders can scan the code to reach a registration form that collects their contact information. Should the taxi become exposed to COVID-19, the taxi company can now notify any potentially affected riders.
  • Date night package — A bar in Chicago is using QR codes with its food and drink package to go. Customers receive food, drink, a mini LCD projector that projects images of stars on a wall or ceiling, and a QR code that opens a video with a one-hour DJ music set that they can play on their phones while they enjoy a romantic meal under the stars.

These are but a few of the many ways that QR codes can be used during the pandemic — and afterwards. DuraFast Label Company has everything you need to make your own QR code labels including color inkjet and thermal label printers, blank labels, wristbands, and tags, label design software and supplies. How are you using QR codes during the pandemic?

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