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Plumbing Companies Can Print Their Own Durable Labels

Operating your own plumbing business is a challenge, with complicated and new problems facing you every time you take on a job. However, there are a few little additions you can make to your company’s office equipment that will take away some of the stress. For example, you can upgrade to a new label printer that will make it easier and more affordable to obtain labels that meet relevant industry standards.

Having your own printer capable of making durable and clear labels is a valuable move for your small plumbing business. There are a number of factors restricting the parameters of these informative labels, which collectively prove the value of not just having your own printer but ensuring that it is a high-quality asset.

Durability is a Must

There will likely be environmental factors wearing away at labels over time.

By their very nature, plumbing markers are in position to be exposed to water. Whether your jobs are indoors or outdoors, there will likely be environmental factors wearing away at text and symbols over time. Having a printer that supports durable label materials helps you keep important information visible for longer. If a label becomes illegible over time, people working on the plumbing system in future may miss your instructions or safety warnings.

Regulations Govern the Industry

When creating labels for your plumbing projects, there are rules to obey. Following regulations about where to place tags, what size to make them and which colors to use requires a printer that is up to the task. 

Businesses must be especially careful in marking their pipes effectively. As Safety Blog News pointed out, there are Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines on which pipes have to be labeled and how, referring to similar rules created by ANSI/ASME. The system uses six different colors, with room for four more to be defined by a facility manager. Furthermore, there are rules dictating where the labels must be placed. Following these directives will keep your industrial clients happy and compliant.

Buying Your Own Printer

While you can work with third parties to handle these labels, there is more potential flexibility and quickness in taking the process on yourself. Furthermore, you can save money by using your own printer, as your only ongoing expense is ink, rather than paying for services. Independent businesses are free to thrive when they can operate using in-house resources, and label printing is one area where you can stake out your territory.

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