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Should You Use Matte or Glossy Labels

You may already have a design in mind for your product label, but you still need to answer a crucial question: should it be matte, or glossy? This is not a superficial decision. In fact, it’s an important choice that has real implications for your overall product marketing strategy.

Glossy labels, as the name suggests, have a shiny finish. They are particularly well-suited for colorful designs, as the gloss tends to reflect light at the viewer. This leads to richer-looking colors with a sharper contrast.

Products packages that are designed to have a worn, rustic feel may benefit from a matte label.

Matte labels, on the other hand, are less reflective and have a softer look and feel. Though they may not display colors as brightly as glossy labels, the more muted look of matte has many applications.

For instance, products packages that are designed to have a worn, rustic feel may benefit from a matte label, which can evoke the look and texture of wood or rough leather. Many wine labels are matte, giving them an Old World feel.

Meanwhile, a marketing strategy that emphasizes modernity may benefit from glossy labels, which catch the eye better than anything else. Think about how the colorful, shiny labels on soft drink bottles stand out amid all the other options.

A quality printer can help create the best possible label for any product. At DuraFast, we carry a wide selection of printers and printing supplies to help your labels stand out. For instance, our Epson TM-C7500 color printer comes in two versions – one that creates glossy labels and one that creates matte labels. Both are fully capable of printing to your specifications. Contact us today!

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